Should you drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting times in your life. However with that role comes the ultimate responsibility. In their earliest days, a child is completely dependent on their parents. Parents provide everything from the obvious nurturing, feeding, cleaning and shelter, through to the teaching, counselling and guiding role you will have throughout their life.

Because of the influence that you have as a role model, the impact of your choices and behaviour should not be underestimated. In one-way or another, your decisions will affect your child, which is why parents aim to make responsible choices every step of the way.

When planning a pregnancy, it is important to consider the role alcohol and pregnancy plays in your life – not only drinking before and during pregnancy, but also your drinking habits in the presence of young children. You may wish to consider the potential effect that alcohol during pregnancy may have on your unborn child. This is just one of the many early issues that you need to consider as an expecting parent.

The consumption of alcohol when pregnant is not recommended. Research suggests that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can be harmful to your unborn baby.

Please take the time to review the information we have provided on this site to help you make an informed decision about alcohol and pregnancy.

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